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Red Skies Pt. 3: Out Of Body

Her eyes mystified my soul in ways I could not comprehend.
My soul left my body while my vessel dematerialized into bits of light following along what makes me who I am.
Drifting away into Nothingness was I,
Like an unlit lamp swallowed whole my its bittersweet touch of death…

*Wind blows all across the surrounding area with brute force in the far distance.*

I find myself being spun by a maelstrom caused by the ruckus of my inner child.
So calm,
I feel.
Not an ounce of sweat dripping from cheeks flushed by the rude awakening that,
I am no longer stepping on land,
Flowing to elusive winds only the divine can blow.
All because,
I looked into the eyes of a woman scorned by failures I’ve set in place during our time together…

*Thud! The wind stops as he lands in a field of grass where the Sun shines brightest…*

Why does this keep happening to me?
One minute,
I’m in my room staring down who I never thought I would see or hear from ever again.
The next minute,
I’m being flown around by winds of torment only felt within one’s personal Abyss.
Now I’m here?

*Grass is faintly rustled near by as He takes notice…*

Now what?
More noise for a set of ears already riddled by cries only I can hear internally?
Can I ever get a damn break after falling too many times for me to count?

*Rustles of grass become louder and louder!…*

How can it be?
Aren’t I the only One?…

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