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Freewrite #26: The Feeling’s Mutual

Deep down inside, we’ve all done things we wish we haven’t done. Moments had where our character is out of control while our inner children yell for help. And, it feels so difficult to sit down, breathe and just listen. But, regardless of any matter, I believe we all have the ability to change.

Problem is, we blindly tend to make it hard on each other. So often you’ll here others say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but, from my side of town, you’re more like the friends you spend most of your time with. Picking up certain traits from each other as time moves along, without even noticing. And, fortunately for some, their friends may uplift their spirits or completely burry it underneath their personal darkness.

What happens when you’re surrounded by doubters of your success? Naysayers of your demand for respect? Sad to say not everyone comes out of that Abyss the same, an Abyss we all get to know at some point in our lives no matter how dark it gets. Seems hard to change when your beliefs are tainted because of one’s conditional love rooted in their everlasting regrets. Painting their misdeeds on your canvas while you aren’t present. Leading your mind to dilute itself of its sweet nature built from the debris of your own destruction. Question is, how to you break free from those voices?

I don’t think anyone would ever want to look into their mirror and see a monster. Nothing but a criminal standing before you for stealing your smile. Even those akin in which you cringe at the sight of, tattooed to your DNA for the rest of this lifetime. Because, you know you aren’t what you used to be. You know that you try your hardest every damn day to be as kind, loving, caring and compassionate like never before. You wake up and smile even if there’s a flood of tears attempting to drown you. You know you’ve spent so many days and nights on your knees praying that God gives you the strength to forgive yourself. You’ve demolished your demons, one by one, to gain the silhouetted belief that you are worthy of peace on this Earth.

Do you really want to know how to break free from those voices? Gift yourself the blessing of staying present. No matter what we all feel, have done, there are no ‘rewind and ‘forward’ buttons within our control in our precious life. Things won’t click inside of you don’t press for what is going on right now. You are who you are, a beautiful soul meant to flourish through love and grace. And, as long as you lock that thought inside every corner of your heart and mind, those voices change over time. After all, forever doesn’t seem to exist anywhere you look accept for Love. Whether you feel it or not, Love is what every single person in the Universe wants…

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