Freewrite #21: Alone With A Microphone

If this is all what life was,
I would have it this way.
I’ve lived too long full of pain,
To exert myself until I explode and ricochet,
Every punch I had to take and pray,
That I didn’t die by the clutches of my own hands ,
After leaving it all on the page.
Sweat and tears family and friends undermined,
Until I stood up for mine and took control of my fate,
And stayed remote from the Cave,
Where no one comes back quite the same,
Like me!
Bones broke from the change.
Paid a price,
Died in a grave.
God made.
So that I fly like a Phoenix,
Reborn from the ashes I’ve made in the first place.
All the smoke from every burnt bridge and blunt I had to roll when the truth made my soul ache.
I rolled along,
Worked hard,
For more than a quarter at the cost of what I used to be while I was locked in a cage,
By demons now incinerated by a spark inside of my chest,
Lit by so many treasures I am being blessed with till this very day…

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