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Spilling One’s Gut 3 – Before The Flood Gates Open…

The only thing final is the fantasy we live in our minds.Nothing is real in a world made with every lie we've sworn by.So,I keep my head in the clouds fighting for another day before I'm caught in the same vices,Crushing my spirits and waning hopes of living strifeless.No more smoke surrounding a vessel wounded... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #21: Alone With A Microphone

If this is all what life was, I would have it this way. I've lived too long full of pain, To exert myself until I explode and ricochet, Every punch I had to take and pray, That I didn't die by the clutches of my own hands , After leaving it all on the page.... Continue Reading →

A Matter Of Redemption

I don't really think I matter to anyone. Kind of feels like, If I died today? Others would resonate more laughter and love! All over the world while spotting doves, Coating our bright skies with their beauty... Wouldn't say I'm losing my sanctity, But, In a way, I'm choosing to vanish eternally. Through each poem... Continue Reading →

Slippin’ On Ice

Been a while since I've sat down to express my troubled thoughts. A conundrum commenced by a whirlpool of tears I've had no answer for. Confusion formed in the pit of Darkness... But, what can really be seen in the Dark? A place where only candle and flash lights can be seen in bits and... Continue Reading →

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