Freewrite #14: Relax! She’s Not All That.

Had to sit down and just relax a bit during such a beautiful day like this,
Even if it may seem gloomy for some out there.
Just like the sky,
The Sun doesn’t shine until those clouds aren’t hovering around to block its beaming pulchritude…

Instead of rolling ganja first thing in the morning,
That greenery erasing all of your blues away for the moment,
You know,
Some sweet ole’ Mary Jane!
Why not get high climbing up that ‘mountain’ ahead of me,
And finally show myself how it cannot occlude my path to a Life of,

No matter what we tell ourselves.
What ad we read.
All the scientific journals convincing you otherwise.
When push comes to shove,
Will always go bitter the second your heart,
Eyes and soul yearns to see clearer…

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