Cats Out The Bag: Dark CloudZ

I’m just so annoyed at how different everybody tries to be,
I’m starting to understand life as I recover from a recoil.
It’s black and white on top,
When you look beneath the soil as the Seed grows,
Different colors tend to show for most if they’re disloyal…

That’s why I had to take a break to get my head on straight,
Rather than staying hellbent on picking memories apart,
Leaving me in pieces at the end of my recent days.
Before falling off an edge I promised I would never step to again!

An edge most of us find familiar,
While some cling on it with a smile.
How are you?”
The knee-jerk reaction you will often hear around a city in denial!
Who really knows what’s true,
When we’re busy shoving our truths in the ground,
On a pile of skeletons the ordinary Joe likes to hide in style!?
Those shades covering those eyes looking like you’ve ran a mile.
That fly leather jacket along a Gold watch covering the green beneath the dial…

Had more friends when I was hanging on one than I do now.
I realized that’s okay since I was pushed while my back was turned,
As they couldn’t keep me down.
It’s time that I address my state of mind,
Like old times,
And let all of my skeletons out…

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