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Overflowing Wishing Wellz

Our sun is so shiny!
So beautiful is every bird flying by me.
Smiling from ear to ear for once while I’m diving into oceanic skies we,
Typically take for granted…

I value all the same and marble at everything I encounter.
My outer shell may be hard as rock,
Never do I wrestle with the thought of being at the bottom,
As I shroud Earth’s zombies with a jolt of life they’ve never seen before…

God’s work.
Always wondered what it was,
Until I found my worth in a journal where I clock work!
Writing rhymes,
Time and time again before I die,
Bursting into pieces…

With the way love pops into mind as I imagine my potential,
I might as well let my well of emotions  overflow.
I’m tired of this Hell where we Dwell over flows!
Of blood splatter…
Over bullshit that really doesn’t matter just to process,
A profit,
I’m prompted to stop in!
Modern day Babylon by allowing Truth to shatter the illusion of grandeur,
Others find through another’s pain after being slandered…

I don’t.
I leave the cord alone and never pull the plug.
I stay present of my own accord and sever every drug,
Placed upon my soul every moment I had given up…

Suicide is easy isn’t it?
So I thought,
Attempting without any succession…
Bothers me how I was set in this,
Pit of confusion where I run messages.
Inside of my head about why I once attempted with,
A curse of survival for reasons hidden within a multitude of tests and wits,
Administered by the most high…

May not understand now,
I will in the future.
There was a day where I was unaware of why I was deserted and declared a loser,
Until I wore truths on my sleeves glaring in a cracked mirror most choose to look away from…

I just chose to confront the beast,
That’s in all of us!
Even if I was seen as the small fry for bigger fish to eat.
So what if I was formerly a drunk?
I was blessed to get hooked in to Sobriety.
Finally sure of how I want to live,
And the first thing my loved ones did was lie to me!
Of how my dreams are the wrong way to go,
When they’ve never hit the road to take a drive with me!
Each night I exited my shell at open mics with heat steaming from the bottom of my bowels…

Guts I spill in front of the world without a problem.
Our sun is so shiny!
And the truth comes to light regardless of what you’ve wanted.
All I’ve done is perform a dance with my skeletons and asked those I’ve coveted to be the audience,
Just to see the stands empty of everyone who has broken their promise…

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