Leave My Peace Alone


No need for your heinous messages,
As I read purely for alimentation.
No need for your association,
I’m fine,
Without your baggage and hatred!
No need for me to react to any of your knavish antics when I’m braised in,
A light provided by my savior while I pray in,
The name of Love I just began to feel for myself…

A public service announcement for everybody doused in a coat of anger worn as I become cold through a lyrical prowess,
Too deep for you to understand on any day that I’m crowded,
By thoughts of a life so mellifluous…

I am sorry that I’m not sorry.
As a kid who kicks a rhythm unable to be mimicked by just any individual,
A hit through this pipe bomb is what you’ll have to wrestle with along a militant visual,
I create when assembling my army of poems so lyrical…

Emulation is flattery at it’s finest and I thank you for it.
No matter what is done on your side of the fence,
You are a pain who will never get points for trying to score with,
The same shots I take at life regardless of how hard you try soaring,
Those palms to the sky when you should work towards,
Being yourself…

I can see why you love copying what I do.
You probably see yourself in me,
Even if I never see myself in you.
When you look into your mirror,
I am the reflection of what you want to be,
As you wake up pretending like you have nothing to lose…

Weirdly enough,
I agree.
You are nothing!
To me,
While I make sure to rip in to,
The glass house you made for yourself as I force you to give in to!
The Peace I’m trying to spread as I break you down into pieces…

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