Stuck My Fork In The Road

Learning from your own mistakes isn’t easy as they say.
When you break from a crumbling mold and refuse to partake in melees,
That break out only when you’re angry from within and make way,
To the Low Road…

A Road where the Sun never shines.
Not a single sign when it swerves side to side.
Full of roadblocks meant to slow down your drive,
Just until you reach a sharp turn leading to a slippery demise…

For some,
It may be a knife to their flesh aching for a certain touch.
For others,
It’s a drink or a drug they’ve been using as a crutch.
I wouldn’t know the rest,
Since I’ve survived my own palms from each vice I have mentioned enough,
While I’m still alive to tell about it,
Even if anyone I love doesn’t care to listen…

Not my fault they choose to not see the new image,
I’ve been itching to show a world I belong in with all the light I envision.
From the middle of a mind too strong for anyone to split in two.
Sharing some of that love hoping not another person gives in to,
Thoughts barricading every chance of unison with themselves…

You’ll read this and see there is no reason for taking heed to anyone’s absence nor denial,
When you forgive yourself and let your wounds heal.
Growing past every grudge others keep against you while you kneel.
Praying they move on to live within the same kind of peace,
Have been dreaming to be real.
We’re all going to make mistakes and there’s nothing we can do,

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