Kinda’ Nervous

Unprepared to ever enter back into the dating game,
Is there any point of which we are?
Searching for a love,
Only in the mind of a hopeful,
Even if we’re scarred.
Permanent reminders on our brittle hearts,
Anytime we’re vulnerable in each other’s arms,
Of every failed attempt that couldn’t harm,
Our faith…

I imagine a day where I’m filling my void with,
The one.
I’ve been crafting a dream where I manifest,
Her touch.
Around my waist,
While I find my place,
Within her embrace,

A smile on her face.
Some shine to her eyes any time I profess our Love on stage.
Making her proud by being myself no matter the hate that’s been coming my way…
What more can I say?…

Maybe the answer for me is to wait.
Wait for the day I wake,
And love myself more than I have to date.
By calling a Break with Mary and Marry a woman with brains.
Not one that’ll plant a seed,
With water as dirty as soil she wouldn’t replace…

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