Planted Within Glowing Soil

If our essence can be found within the heart of a plant.
What does it really mean to be Human?
During every moment we plant ourselves in the soil of Anger & Defeat…

I can say so,
As an expert in the field of Sadness.
Where I spent years caging myself inside the belly of the Beast,
Since I felt like a monster anyway.
Seen as one in the eyes of my Guardians in a Galaxy where no Hero has been witnessed just yet…

When you look around,
Aren’t these thoughts as common as the air we all breathe?
When I say we,
I mean,
Nature we step on as if it is not akin to,
Kind of how we treat each other on a daily basis inside the fires of Babylon…

What does it mean to be Human?
When we are all One in the Same.
As we all feel pain.
As we all yearn a dinner plate,
A hug and a kiss to stray away,
From those dark thoughts that make us feel worthless…


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