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Touch Of A Warrior

A Midas touch is what we all want,
Can’t make gold out of a box,
Keeping us cooped up in mess we have wrought.
Am I wrong?…
Please let me know while I write songs,
Coming from darkness I thought I had sawed off.
A cloth I’ve been ripped off,
Then stitched back on…

Am I as strong?
As my beloved tries to preach to me?
I’m a born sinner,
Dinners of emcees I should not feed to thee,
Monster inside,
Eating me alive!
While I cry…

Move out my way while I go into war.
With demons in mind that are not trying to hide anymore…
I’m ticked off while dogging the ones who flee from my floor.
Friends whom left for Fur Coats and a Check,
Till I pulled out my sword.
And lined it up against their collar bones,
The same way they did to me when I would not believe the lies they sport…

Go ahead and ball!
My broke ass is still ripping through the mall,
You window shop and bite through,
Just to steal the style of the Real when they floss.
You’ll looose!
All your teeth for thinking you can mess with me as I’m on the beat.
Flowing to the kind of waters you refuse to see.
Climbing from the quick sand where I refuse to sink.
Crying over bathroom faucets where I choose to dream,
For a better future while I walk miles for the shit I ate,
Going rabid as a loose cannon only trying to Be.

Free from this prison I’m imprisoned in while I envision this,
Escape I’m trying to paint while I engrave my grave inside a page where I pray,
For love from the God up above,
The only entity I could trust while I bust another rhyme as I crush,
Some more weed on tobbaco leaves,
Burning every thought of those who thought they could just,
Without a trace…

Loyalty is a farce when you’re priority’s the Dollar.
You can either keep full of Pride,
Proceed as a Scholar.
I rather fly high,
The seas,
Not be bothered.
Open my mind,
Pour a seed sprouting knowledge.
Grow into a tree full of fruit to give when I strive,
To succeed while I foster.
A new skill,
While they drill,
A blue pill,
That may trick us from knowing who’s real,
In a world that we made while we chase a, new bill…
On repeat until we,
Lose our will.
To love more than a piece of paper you will never wipe your tears with…

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