Just Givin’ Thankz

War is common like the clouds in the sky.
White like the walls I write inside of,
Until they darken and block the Sunshine.
Pouring down on us when it rains from the sky.
Similar to every tear falling from our eyes.
As we cry.
Whine until the glass is full with more wine.
Shooting shots without aiming right.
No bars,
I’m already imprisoned behind each line I rhyme.
Sounds on repeat when I’m out trying to dine,
With all that is divine…

What do I have to do?
What do I have to lose?
Run through thy hand so you,
The life I’m trying to live while I take the Stand.
For myself,
Whether I am on trial,
It is in God’s hands…

Who else is judging me,
Who else is hugging me,
When I am looking for a place where I find ways how I can eat?
The times where I’m alone without a chance to feast.
The nights where I lay in defeat while others believe,
I am experiencing a victory?…

Thank you God for another day I wake to smile for Thee.
Another chance for me to see what I’ve been missing.
No longer hissing back at the Serpent I’ve been kissing,
In the Garden of Eden I’m lifting off a ground.
A ground full of seeds I pound,
6 feet under for rebirth into the Heavens in any period in my life where I am simply,

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