True Love In The Eyez Of A Torn Soul

My love and care for you knows no bounds.

I was gladly smitten by the sparkle in your smile that reflected a love lost in my torn heart,

Sewed back by your soft hands with a strong scent of cocoa butter and sweet aromas.

Amazing it is,

How you can be on the other side of the world and find a way to hear my voice,

Vice versa.

With an iron trust even Thor himself can’t lift,

Rather than being with another man.


For that,

I’m the luckiest.


How I cannot wait to hold you in my arms,

Away from a wind chill attempting to freeze and shatter our bond on concrete already hardened with no chance to stamp our signature…

For I promise to grab your palms whenever we’re on the edge,

Proving that I’m with you till the very end…

True love…

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