Die 4 a Dyme Piece

Love that I denied,
Came back to bite.
I have died,
Deep inside.
To be reborn and laugh till I’m,
Happy like I’ve never been before…

Tears dripping insidiously,
Knowing I needed every embrace she offered while drowning away!
It’s killing me…
I’m reeling each,
Demon I’m feeding with drugs for good reason…
They can O.D. and give me a chance to breathe again…

An angel buried underneath the sins I’ve wrought.
A second coming with a head growing horns flapping wings I floss.
In the form of white sheets of paper turned black from all the dark pictures I rot,
In the middle of a mind with a tainted conscious,
Daring anyone to double-cross…
On one hand?
Scriptures of God.
The other hand?
A knife in my palms.
Do you understand?
The minimal costs,
Of forcing my hands,
To stick you in a plot,
Full of bodies in a closet I’ve been prompted to box,
From the projects to a college I had found myself in,

I think about all possible solutions to move on.
Maybe dream lucid,
And cruise strong.
Through the oceans she drew on,
My numb cheeks…
Keep drinking and crush weed,
She becomes real again…
Continue this love that still runs so deep…

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