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No Hard Feelingz

No Hard Feelingz All I hope for is that you're doing so well. After all that we've been through, I've learned to just let go and forgive you. But, Knowing that I've had tumultuous faults myself towards our relationship, I learned to forgive myself no matter what I go through, Too... None of us are... Continue Reading →

Cutting Tiez

How do you just, Let go? Or, Move on? Some things just feel like a stainless steel knife penetrating your rib cage. And, Most of the time you'll feel like keeping it lodged inside, Worried it'll bleed out and kill you if it isn't... Seem to ask the same question over, And over again. How... Continue Reading →


Looking at myself in the mirror, I see a man that I love, Dearly. I see a man that has been forgiven of everything he's done, Because, He is only human... Maybe, More of us need to think of ourselves that way. Only thing that shines when you're accountable with yourself? Love and light that... Continue Reading →

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