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Cold, Cold World…

Cold Like,
The winds of a broken home,
Destroyed by tornadoes of trauma unworthy of excuses.
Humanity stained by the blood of youth as a tradeoff for cigarettes and booze so,
So illusive.
So much cannabis to choose from,
All come with an inevitable fall when you’re too “lit,”
As you watch the ashes of your dreams sprinkle on a grave dug out by your own two fists…

It’s what a lost soul does.
Even as they’re conscious in a “woke” world blind of their sweet talk,
With demons in their minds cluttered by memories stalking them while Earth gets darker…
So many faces,
Behind a curtain satiating growing pains,
Without ever choosing to confront what pains them while living a farce.
Words empty like the void in their chests,
Only a refusal to treasure each blessing they mar!
Through a false sense of individuality scarred over and over again for a merger,
Of realities conjured to get ahead of a herd hurt from,
A lack of love.
The buds I burn any time I’m down on my luck…

By scenarios of loneliness more often than one should.
Adrift on a sea of tears poured by the man I truly am inside as he runs from would,
Open up a can of worms no one could,
Handle even if they try to understand and feel the cloth I’m cut from…

At what we’ve made the world to be.
So distant from each other even if there’s more to reach for,
Besides a deep grudge we bleed for,
In spite of each plug we deem as the force!
Behind our stand against depression.
A basement full of skeletons ready to reveal life lessons,
God urges us to learn from before our soul is singed by flames sparked by every lie grasped in the middle of our palms…

Time for a different song.
A change in tune to move along a path coercing us to mend our wrongs.
Just because your actions are the only ones you can control in a world that’s gone,
To the shallow end of a spectrum political in nature,
You know?
Where you’re either on board after being  warned of every lie America has made throughout time,
Become the one who unplugs every cord,
Pulling you away from the stationery meant to save your life,
By writing your way out of an Abyss through a Hellacious drive!
Illuminating your mind with fire blazing in both eyes,
Ignited by the pain your loved ones forced you to endure.
No matter how much you cried…

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