An image my kids would love to trace over,
is a goal in my mind and heart I yearn to achieve.
I’m having trouble conceiving that notion of success my dear soul thirsts for.
More so,
A band-aid for an open wound that will heal within time,
With good rest and a day,
Or two,
Where you unwind!
Without going too far…

In going too far,
The only snap you’ll get is a crack in a character you’ve already scarred with lies.
A character you’ve already marred with cries,
False in nature for the chance to ride,
In the same car where those with the same kind of drive hop in to,

Life may come with a few bad twists,
The image you’ve been working on will be a hit and miss,
The more you take hits from any type of smoke,
While missing out on every opportunity to escape your own madness.

Says I!
Who has trouble taking his own advice when tragedy strikes against his wishes.
Of waking up feeling like the day can finally be different…

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