Cries Of Thunder

These outbursts,
I don’t know why I have them.
If my mind wasn’t caught up in past misunderstandings,
The reasons why I’ve been labeled the outcast in,
A place,
Whatever this is to anyone who’s mad enough to find a definitive answer…

I want them to stop!
For some reason cannot…
What am I to do as the padlocks break,
While the flood gates begin to splash promptly?

The answer has been given many times,
Anytime I’m tired from my need to fuel a drive,
Where I write until a fire is sparked on a page that is marked with a name of a,
Simple guy just,
Full of pain…

Not a single word will make you feel better.
We can think all day,
Not a single thought is going to change the weather,
Unless you move else where…
Beneath a sky soaking in sunshine instead of dark clouds where pain is felt,
Amongst everyone struck by their thundering cries…

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