Freewrite #3: Sour Love

Bloody and battered.
Running from scattering shots faster than ever before!
He became the standard.
Who is He to speed away from danger that’ll get his image plastered on the canvas of another to fulfill the wishes of His Master?
That Devil in His head,
Standing on His shoulders while dressed in red,
The Woman he unfortunately has to call his ex…

A demon he summoned himself,
Keeping her well and alive inside of his mind!
A feeling he couldn’t help to give in to and raise Hell.
His reason for peace fleeting from the deepest end of his Wishing Well…

He has to prove her wrong.
Tired of poverty striking the pockets of a soldier surviving a plot with meek thoughts.
What else can a dream chaser do when He’s mocked!
By the failures she wouldn’t forgive while He was lost…

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