Scent Of Lilies

Smelling the roses is what’s typically said,
My nose got a hint of lilies instead.
An accident it wasn’t when Lily grabbed my wrists,
Alerting me of a must-see event many dare not to witness.
Up for the task I was as long as I was able to ditch this,
School of hard knocks I failed too many times to keep count…She said It took place where you wait for your chance to speak,
As all get a fair chance to announce what is on their minds for the moment.
A place where you seek to rewind and let it go in,
To a state of rest,
Whatever that may be…Doesn’t matter if it’s Mother labeling you as crazy.
Doesn’t matter if it’s Mother inches from stabbing you to death after raging!
Over your attempt to smooth out a conversation without “fuck you’s” and a “just pay me.”
Doesn’t matter if it’s father never bothering to call you!
While resting with a smile next to another family he found worth saving.
Doesn’t matter if it’s everyone in your family telling you die!
While you keep praying for their peace,
Leaving you in pieces…She said,
“Let it out,
Let it out!
Before the Bottle bursts and cuts deep into your soul,
Until you bleed out!
Of any Light that was left…”
There it was.
A circle full of grins showing me how to,
A feeling I had failed to feel for myself whenever life had gotten rough…“I’m worth it?
My life has purpose?
Do I really have the chance to live most of my life without hurting?…”
So many questions in my mind in front of others who would not allow me to believe that I was worthless.
When introducing myself,
Nobody ran!
As I leaned back,
Unable to get more words in.
Come back next week!”
I was told after it was over,
So many tears resurfaced,
As I went back to class from such a wondrous sojourn…

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