A Legend.

I look back at my life some times and realize,
I’ve come a long way just to reach a certain level of sanity…

And vanity,
Just glad to be,

It’s a first,
Just to face the mirror and smirk,
Through thorny vines in this concrete jungle,
The abyss of the struggle,
Reminding you of tears spilled as you step through its puddles…

I’m humble,
I just wish I had a chance for you to see my growth…

For so long I’ve stigmatized myself as a disappointment in your eyes and others,
By voices shouting lies in my head,
Beating confidence dead,
As Bronx cheers filled the background…

But I’m resurrected.
Ashes twirled above skies above through all criticism,
Forming into several figures,
Words expressing how much I don’t pay mind to anyone’s opinion of me over past insecurities…

I’ve taken all advice you’ve ever given.
A new found joy had risen…
In writing my own story.
Jotting eye-jerkers on each page to move past what isn’t for me…
Highlighting heartwarmers giving you a reason to rise to in the morning…

A lesson was learned every day for the greater good.
Lessons how knowledge is a fortune.
Deciding who to keep around whether they make any sense,
Or make cents.
Most importantly,
How to repair your ride after hitting so many bumps on the road to happiness…

I can’t thank you enough,
For the time you took out of your life to teach such troubled kids,
When you probably needed a hug here and there yourself.
I can only imagine…

But for this moment,
I’m reminiscent of all trips we’ve had to Long Island,
Visiting Hayground teaching us that the world is our playground,
To break free from systemic oppression hoping we’d lay down,
Dead with eyes open,
But because of your guidance,
We stiff-armed the take down…

Only one thing bothers me,
How we kind of left on a bad note…
I mean,
I still disagree with how things were done when it all came to a close,
I just wish we’d hug again whenever peace was to unfold,
If you were still alive…

And that’s just between me and you.
Because when everybody else left my life,
As if they’ve never done any wrong in their eyes,
You were there…
Whenever I came by with a problem I just couldn’t bare,
You were there…
When my family was homeless Junior year of high school,
And needed a place to stay,
You opened your arms for me and handled my monstrosity with delicate care…

For you,
I might’ve been just another Bronx student,
But to me,
You were family I would’ve taken infinite bullets for…
So much love for you,
That I’ll put my pride down for a second to drop this rhyme scheme,
To say sorry for any wrong I’ve done to you…

As I sit and write this piece,
I can hear your laughter after making fun of a misspelled word…
I can see the grin on your face whenever pops would leave with all the groceries…
I can touch every article you brought for us to read as a key to escape the cells that entrapped us…
I can taste Chinese food you bought us in the Nuyorican once upon a time as I sat and wondered why my father wouldn’t do this for his family…
I can smell the freedom I felt when you took us to your home,
A wonderland of acceptance I thought I’d never set foot in before…

And instead of crying,
I’m left smiling…
Because my 6th sense tells me that you’re an angel now, Watching over us all…

Rest in Paradise…

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