Are Second Chances Real?

She told me to join her on a walk through a garden I’ve planted with my bare hands.
I’ve made up my mind.”
A light scoff slipped from her lips as she said,
“Just walk.
Open your eyes…”

I walked along the same grounds with whom my heart cannot let go.
Attempting to figure out her reason to show me what I’ve created.
What I’ve grown to label as “out-dated” during my search for Rebirth and Divine Patience…

Take a breath of fresh air purified by the flowers and trees you’ve planted and watered with love.
‘Be’ in the moment and smile for a world conjured by prescient visions,
Brought to life through the intent to flush!
Another’s face with a grin as well…”

Humming birds sang more than I could speak.
Roses rustled against each other more than I could rub my head against an answer I tried so hard to conceive.
Tried doing what she wanted to,
I couldn’t help but dream!
About a different life where I built a stronger foundation sooner than later.
As soon as I took second to face her after scanning our surroundings,
She disappears,
While I wake up to a pen and paper.
Convincing myself that I couldn’t save her.
Could I…

To be Continued…

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