Is closure necessary?
When a bond once thought to be unbreakable,
What rope is there to climb back into what if’s and why’s?
Why did she leave me for that guy?
What if I had never fallen to the enticing hiss of a Heineken as well as seduced by Mary Jane’s plump lips?
Smokey red when lit with a need to float and fade away in eternal,
Bliss…Answer is pretty easy.
Nothing to tie back together unknowns that are forgotten as soon as you decide to move on.
Nothing she saw worthy of holding on to…Falling off the tree we kept kissing on top of for all those years,
She survived it clean.
While dragging myself up by her shoulders,
I thought I was standing with her,
Just until she sidestepped and forced me to let go as she watched me tumble over.
Legs cracked in all kinds of ways along with a waning heart…Ever since,
I’ve healed.
Shins more cut than the way she cut me out of her life.
A fountain of youth found in tubes of ink shelled by my hopes and dreams,
Rather than some Rum and Sprite.
Or blunt wraps when all I’ve wanted was truth the whole time…So,
Is closure necessary nowadays?
I can see why it’s not.
With how I found peace when she put a close to a love that blinded me from how strong,
I truly was on my very own…

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