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War Time

I was told,
To dig through the surface,
Of everyone struck by a state of Inertia,
While searching for peace.
Now I’m sold,
Those people who purposely wait for a “piece”,
Are a burden to those who will patiently reach.
For the right time and place to reap.
Dreams they were blessed with to manifest and teach.
Every empty soul how to fill themselves with love,
Rather than pain we all seem to bleed…

I seem to be,
The only one seeking peace,
For real.
Uncovering truths unseen to these,
Fools who cling to weak feels,
War deals…

Illusions through a television screen meant to keep you hooked.
The intrusion of thoughts from each menacing scene,
Teaching youth how to cook,
Crack in a glass house.
Stash all the stacks mounted on the dash.
How to count and divide every dollar for a pack!
Just to clown around until the night comes to a crash…

Being tricked as a kid,
To believe that you want a pair of jordans for a nice fit!
We really wear them just to fit in.
Being tricked as a kid,
To believe that you need a necklace,
Or a watch full of rocks blinding others with a Lie on our wrists…

We all know it’s a facade!
The world we’ve made.
The characters we set in place…
We all know it’s wrong!
The lies we give way,
To get more of those dollars that we love to generate…
Seems like no one cares for the cost.
Of losing what sets you straight.
The truth that binds you to the Peace you claim to chase…

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