Wake Me Up Inside

Rainy mornings.
Each droplet,
A reminder for the growth we must undergo.
We’re all a rose,
Meshing with inner sun rays when,
We are woken inside.
Spirits soaring all across the Sky we’ve woven despite,
How dark it once was…

We might of had days where water has overflown,
Prompting a Drought of some sort so unforgiving.
Whinging any time others try to splash a bit of difference in your life regardless how head-splitting it may be.
In what world do you plant a seed beneath soil and not have it surrounded by Darkness?

A Darkness washed away by every ounce of rain seeping through,
Into the seed’s core.
A Darkness hugged by Warmth and Light until it simply cannot take it anymore.
Growing Life out from the ground itself,
Sprouting into a Tree no wind nor lightening can strike down,
No matter how hysterical the Rain pours…

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