Dogz On The Prowl

Kind of feel like,
A dog on the prowl for His biggest bite to eat yet.
Full of every craving my nose picked up on when traveling back home from work.
Question is,
When do we know if we deserve it at all after many days full of relapse and bitter reactions?

Just a question I ask as an imperfect human.
Choosing to be alone amongst a world of clones and drones attempting to lead any Difference to a plank.
Giving your palms a surge of energy from an urge to point fingers,
Who I to make judgments when my actions have painted an image as ugly as one can get?
No ‘S’ on my chest,
Even if others may see one glowing on mine.
I don’t…

Innocence is a thought able to sooth your open wounds when writhing in pain.
In a world where we willfully strip it away from our own children since birth,
Innocence is nothing but fleeting.
Along with our right to signify whom is better than whom,
No matter how bad you want to…

I often take time looking in to my mirrors.
Without expectations of my own battles being pleasant.
As unruly as it may be,
It’s the one place where I cry,
Forgive every wrongs I am blessed to witness for that moment,
And rest.
Deserving of every bite of food,
As long as I don’t starve myself from my own Peace and Happiness…

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