Never Give Up!

It feels as if Life itself forms into an unruly siren,
Screeching her dear heart out right into your sensitive ears.
Attempting to usher in a road of pain and despair for reasons only It knows.
It creeps up and bangs on those drums when you’ve installed the brightest lightbulb within the middle of your mind.

Why waste Its time?
So precious,
On piercing a Wall I’ve built to be shatterproof inside of my eyes?
I’ve laminated myself with such plethoras of glasses,
I’m webbed to climbing ladders of success for a chance to get a second high.
Keeping my heart on a cloud instead of crushing dimes.
Paying the right price to grab hold of my dreams in reality,
Rather than losing all senses in mind.
Writing more Poetry,
Rather than falling in a hole at the cost of my own life…

Who knows.
I will never know.
More so,
Because I refuse to go blow for blow,
With figments of my imagination when drunk on a case.
Of beer,
A list of memories I used to beg God to take away from my hardheaded brain,
Now used as reminders for why I must escape,
This fucking Hell the rest of my family calls home…

Home is where you lay your head down at night and end it feeling loved.
Home is where stress is dissolved into moments of light kisses and simple hugs.
It just so happens that none of the above occurs where I’m from.
Only hateful mentions of my character,
No account for all of the evils others have done.
Forever labeled as a Devil by a family who could never crush!
My glowing spirit…

No one ever can if you keep silent with the Lord as your witness…

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