Rolling up out of bed,
Smoking up lots of piff!
I’ve been,
Higher than ever,
Lowered in pressure.
Saving these lectures,
For the kids looking around for some guidance…

Until then,
I’m hiding.
Writing a vibe!
A lyrical prowess undenied,
Raw in nature.
Lines on paper that’ll glue you to the stories I have savored…

Only way,
I know how to live,
While I show you the reason why I’ve been,
I just hate this,
Era where everyone wants to play with,
Freedoms bound to be taken away from,
By us…

Is it a hard pill to swallow?
We’re drinking them up!
Anytime we feel hollowed.
Empty in the inside.
Messing with some weed,
Away from enemies,
To their block.
Cells in palms.
Where fiends call,
For some Crack rocks.
And again.
And again…

Shedding and wedding blood,
Is what we do!
For that paper keeping us glued,
To the streets.
A code we follow just to level up and be an “OG”.
It’s what happens when you play a game that only ends with owed fees…
Your life inside a box while your homies stand around as they hold drinks,
To pour into your early grave…

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