American Firez

In Jay’s written testimony,
It reads he’s held down by the gravity of his pen.
I can relate,
As I vent…

Allocating all of my memories,
It piles,
Weighing me down,
Never before.
Ridding me of all of my demons that were bobbing and weaving every shot I was heaving,
Until I found all the pieces I needed to reach in the soul of another with reason to leave them deceased…

These bars keep my heart racing,
With a purpose I’m not sure of while I smoke spliffs with me,
Myself and I…

I find myself alone most of the time,
With the most High,
As I show why,
I deserve mine.
I don’t coast by.
Always work like,
There’s a chip on my shoulder,
No matter what thought is eating me alive…

There is no other choice but to dance with your God-given talents,
While the world seems to stand in,
It’s own heap of madness,
Brought to life by our own denial of reality.
The reality,
Of how we made Vanity,
More important than truth,
Peace and sanity.
Shackled to an Insanity,
Of bloodshed prompted by Media with only one goal in mind.
Keep us panicking…
Running around frantically…
Helping them by dropping bodies ourselves and act like that’s not happening…

Who am I to worry of another’s problem when I still have to pray our children won’t get hit by the Stray Bullet?
Become another’s prey when I’m already at home,
We all have demons to acknowledge,
Most forget to look in!
To that mirror we so dearly love to avoid,
Don’t we?
A mirror cracked by your entitlements,
Wants and false needs.
Cracked by every moment you chose blood over your own dreams.
Cracked by every moment you picked up weed,
Instead of folding those legs to start meditating.
Cracked by every moment you picked your friends over a family that needs fixing.
The answer is within ourselves.
Only we were not afraid to take a few hours and delve.
Our eyes into an Abyss of pain to put an end to your blazing,
Fiery hell…

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