Home For The Dropoutz

A drop out from the school of Conformity, yes. A graduate from the school of being yourself? Most definitely…

Striving, I am, to live within a domicile built with every piece of love that exists on planet Earth. But what are those pieces exactly? Its physical manifestation? And, how do you possibly obtain them?

I’ve been to too many houses built by the most frail pieces of wood you can find at your local Home Depots and Hardware stores going out of business. But, in turn, I was shown a home without a ‘roof’ more sturdy than a house with one. Makes you believe that, home may be the place where your heart, mind and soul lay at night…

Mine seems to sleep on a stage , next to a mic and a bunch of seats crowded together. Doesn’t matter if there’s an audience or not. But:

“I love spittin’ rhymes,
Splitting lines apart with commas putting demons to a halt,
In my mind…”

Rhythms just come to my mind like a prophet and their epiphanies. A stage, my true domicile…

You can only wonder where others house their own hearts, minds and souls. Because, I’ve seen others choose to lay on hot concrete during summer time versus a comfy bed and a cold room offered to them. Goes to show what home truly is, though. Has to be the place where you rest with clean thoughts, not just clean sheets. That one place eliminating thoughts making you regress. That one place where you don’t deny yourself the fruits of life…

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