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Devils Perched On A Tree Branch

Up early in the morning,
Mourning over past stories I’d wish to rewrite,
I float across wrongs,
And classifieds that leak from the corners of my eyes…

Sinking further into my emotions I go.
Whether wrong or right,
I drown in dirty waters keeping skeletons in my closet afloat…

And I find that,
Dirty waters drowning my closet floor don’t taste so bland…

I rather drink poison poured in my veins…
Resides in my mind,
The longer I stay,
In a place where we can’t embrace palms in this war…

Enough bravery to drive by on each other,
When trump cards are played,
Our hands fold while they hold kings and queens in a pile down under…

How can you live life on your toes in this game of poker?
Friends laying hands around your neck,
Feeling like the devil’s perched on your shoulder?
Boys in blue letting guns blow in the sky,
A bullet shot at the clouds to notify,
Us there’s a race war on the rise…
While taking false starts before they pop,
Putting victims on a wanted poster…

I want to be about us being together,
Problem is,
Too many agendas are put ahead humanity whether,
It puts us on the side of the fence where the devil lays for quick pay,
Or the side where most revolutionaries are slain…

So what do I decide?
Which side shall I reside?
I’m left with two options to face.
Be a lawyer in my own right,
And question those in power to date,
Or mob through with like minded renegades.
I choose neither,
It’s a dark night no matter who you choose to conspire in,
Because death and hate is the bane of my existence.
I see blood on both sides,
And will not cover my mouth and hide from what’s hidden underneath our eyes.
Growing up in a dirty hood is a gamble
And that’s where we shower lies.
As if we don’t flip quarters on each other,
Blast pistols and devour lives…

Seems as if I’m unable to trust anyone as far as I can see.
If we do win this war against authority,
Who’s going to protect my unborn children,
While I’m at work for us to eat,
From biting bullets in the streets?…

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