In Case She Ever Comez Back

Am I the only one?
Do you feel it,
I’m pretty sure you do.
Beauty in the confidence of what you choose.
If what is on your body is the same kind of organ as mine,
You’re skin has bled the same way as my,
Muse when I hurt her without a clue…
The same way as my skin,
When I wanted to leave Earth and drown within Ocean Blues…

Trust when I say I’m not as bad as some others may think.
A romantic underneath all the aggression I display when I’m beat,
At day’s end,
While I dream…
Of her cheeks,
That I crease,
With my lips,
And sing!
As I dip!
Her a bit,
Dancing away the pain leaking from our eyes…

A union my heart wants with approval from Thy Divine.
As long as I change before every dime gets hustled by a fool looking to expand it right…
And ignite all flowers trying to blossom despite,
Growing in a concrete jungle already burning down by the fires from the wrong light…

No need to worry about,
Demons urging me to sprout,
Another marijuana leaf from a ground,
I laid,
Without ever wanting it again…

No need to worry about,
Heathens throwing me a pouch,
Full of liquor and some beer to pour down,
A mouth tired from chugging up a bottle so that Father can be proud,
When I’ve already drowned!
Survived for us to be together once again…

I am not the same.
I don’t care about the friends who left me for dead,
When my mind went through a craze.
I don’t care about the family that stole my smile every damn day,
Waking up from an internal rage…
I only care about writing these bars and,
Making sure you’re okay!
Any time I have to put in work on a stage…
Buy you flowers and plants just because I’m coming back home to the hottest dame…
Nothing matters more to me than a life where I’m happy with my future kids,
And a wife who wouldn’t leave no matter the amount of pain.
I may suffer…

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