Evil Containment Wave

Containing the monster inside of you is a task as difficult as running 100,000 miles through a hailstorm with ice the size of soccer balls falling on top of your head. Shackling down the beasts who has been banging and banging on each wall you’ve surrounded it with couldn’t be more daunting than blaming yourself in situations where you rightfully should. And, rightfully so, I write away the temperaments of the beast trapped inside of me…

I believe that it never leaves, ever. At times, we may even need to call upon it when life hits the fan and scatters around each piece you must find and put back together, as our good side is unable to lift a fist. Nonetheless, it’s an unfathomable creature that you must lock down until the right time comes. Question is, when do we know? When do we know the right time has arrived in a world where darkness can appear in all kinds of light?…

You ever watched Dragon Ball Z? And observe the interactions between Almighty Emperor of Space, Frieza, and the Earth’s strongest Saiyan Hero, Goku? How Goku, with a heart as pure as Love, couldn’t kill Frieza to send him off into a graveyard cluttered with bones soaked in evil for as long as possible? Eventually, Goku had to turn Super Saiyan in order to destroys his oposing foe once and for all!

Think of every fist fight you’ve ever been in, if ever, and ask yourself. Would you have gotten out of it unscathed if you didn’t set aside your morals for the greater good? Maybe not so much. But, like Juggernaut from the X-Men, if you let it get out of control, it may very well be an unstoppable force until God decides to intervene and kill it off for you…

But, it’s an entity we cannot live without, as we find our solutions to keep our inner beasts chained to those walls. If you’re asking me, though, the only solution seems to be to let go of all of the shame we gaze at it with. Because, that beast is actually beautiful. So, so exhaustively flawed, yet, flaws are what makes us who we are. When we love others and build a working relationships, it is because both of you have accepted your flaws and took a vow to work around them, making each other better in the long run. If we took the time to open its door to take a look at its scars for better understanding, giving it a bit of much needed sunshine, you and It may one day work as one. Creating a bond only you and God himself can understand. Contain It, by being One with…

Peace & Love ❤


***Side Note***

An older piece I had written about half a year ago. But, it’s really how I feel today and thought I’d share it. Enjoy, beautiful Universe, and have a great day ❤

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