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Thoughtz Full Of Blood

I feel depleted.
Many reasons why I feel defeated.
My minds ridden by my demons.
I’m heaving up dangerous amounts of beer for a cheer I couldn’t hear in,
My head,
Even if I’m laughing up a storm of tears while I’m pleading for redemption…

I’m only human!,
Full of light,
Darkness is the view in my eyes…

The trend of today while we fight,
With ourselves in and out,
For another dollar sign…
I don’t know about you!
I’m tired of hues,
Of the green kind for a night full of blues!

Just admit it.
Most of y’all can’t go a weekend without acquainting yourselves with a drink in,
Your hands…
No shame,
I’m just trying to understand,
Why we’re all killing ourselves,
For a one night stand!
Who wouldn’t hold our hands!
Through flames burning down our hopes into Ash!
Fame we don’t really want when it becomes reality…

Sad to see.
So many souls stuck in the realm of insanity…
Including mine,
While I drown in Vanity…
How can you not?
Nobody talk anymore!
We’ve sworn!
I’m only trying to box!
Line for line,
Instead of being down on the rocks!
Pinned by a pill swallowed after wrestling with shots!
To the head…

The trends of today while we fight!
With thoughts of suicide…
You’ve been looking for the light,
While I’ve been looking for a knife the whole time…
Blood is not a sight,
Anyone likes to see unless their on the other side,
I see why!
Everyone runs away from a wicked mind,
Like mine…

They say I look like God’s son,
The one forsaken while I’m trying to shine…
The Devil has a lot of friends,
And I find myself alone as I cry…
Just Mary Jane,
Some paper,
Getting high…
Trying so hard to find where God lays his head,
As I reach for the skies…

Trends of today while we fight,
With ourselves,
In and out,
For another dollar sign…
Just to get high,
In present time,
When we’ll all find out in the future,
When we,

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