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What Could Be (What’s Luv Freestyle)

Never really knew a love as sweet as hers,
After many years of being bitter,
I got my sweet tooth back,
I rather her,
Be gone from my mind for as long as I can ever remember!

So much better out there,
Now that I’m about tearing up a page instead of crying over nightmares,
Of an ex who put a close to a love I thought would be shared,
Between her I for eternity…

Burning in me is a drive to find a soulmate I know is out there searching for me!
While I look for the beauty she possesses,
To have it in my arms and caress it.
With love from the bottom of my heart and address this,
Feeling in my chest when I think of removing her stresses,
All with a kiss and a promise I’ve kept in,
Faith that she’ll never go away even when God thinks we should be tested…

This time around,
I’ll make sure we both pass it all while flexing,
To the whole world what true love could be for them if,
They keep present.
And leave the past,
In the past,
Without ever going back to check in,
On what broke you down in the first place,
Once again tempted.
To ruin that beauty of what could’ve been forever if you just had left it,
Behind you…

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