Mornings of Panic (Written In 2017)


(Poem below disclaimer!) I wanted to share this piece written during one of the worst moments in my life, my break up from the only relationship I’ve had. Please note that change is possible the second you choose to. I love you world, stay safe ❤ _________________________="" there="" are="" mornings="" where="" wake="" up="" and="" immediately="" panic="" because,="" the="" world="" of="" reality="" became="" one="" that="" i="" believe="" in="" any="" longer…="" those="" beg="" to="" fall="" back="" asleep="" into="" my="" dreams,="" they="" yet…="" why="" would="" want="" open="" eyes?="" but="" exactly="" why.="" them="" see="" mine.="" happiness="" feel="" other="" dimension,="" when="" toss="" turn="" sweating,="" imagining="" me="" her="" same="" setting,="" inside="" our="" bed="" sheets,="" legs="" tangled,="" hands="" wrapped="" beneath="" breasts="" intertwined,="" with="" love="" life…="" concrete,="" soil,="" withering="" grass="" has="" been="" bloodied.="" physical="" mental="" wars="" have="" muddied="" all="" clean="" water="" left,="" crumbling…="" we="" communities,="" is="" a="" ticket="" out="" fucking="" country,="" flea="" palms="" humbly,="" stay="" else="" where,="" actually="" loving…="" nowadays="" about="" pussy="" making="" profit.="" men="" screaming="" bros="" ova="" hoes="" everywhere,="" rather="" slice="" pie="" than="" sausage.="" infidelity="" plastered="" on="" mass="" media,="" medium="" expression="" for="" this="" generation="" lust="" on.="" stigmatize="" women="" as="" sex="" toy="" bust="" without="" prep="" test="" lays="" ahead,="" whether="" wipe="" mess,="" or="" drop="" rag…="" run="" room="" leave="" his="" family="" dead,="" past…="" kind="" raised="" today,="" pathetic.="" today?="" queens="" stripped="" their="" power="" from="" inception.="" boys="" afraid="" responsibility="" while="" devalue="" what="" worth,="" mother="" earth…="" long="" time="" since="" opened="" eyes,="" seen="" shine="" sunrise…="" light,="" if="" not="" part="" path,="" impossible="" catch,="" sight…="" guess="" tryin="" say="" is,="" even="" society="" tumbling="" forward,="" morning="" first="" panic.="" simple="" reason="" too="" blind="" finally="" see…="" overlooks="" retrieve.="" refused="" give="" me…="" just="" know,="" care="" from,="" color="" you="" may="" be,="" ideas="" stand="" for.="" accept="" each="" everyone="" way="" life="" accepted="" every="" flaws,="" helping="" become="" better="" man…="" maybe="" applied="" can="" true="" change="" before="" implode..=""

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