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Shining In The Light I’ve Given

Plastic to an authentic man is,
Bodacious you may be,
So curvaceous in your lace jeans,
You lace me!
With many carnal desires.
Even with a drive,
Such as mine,
I tire!
Like any other when It feels each wheel is falling off,
On a road that once inspired me to fire,
On shots,
Of scotch until I rotted on a pile of rocks I rose from for a higher state of mind…

So much silk covering your skin on this uphill climb to reach love,
How’s it possible when caught in a web of lies as steep as the void lust creates within us?
I dig each piece of ice hanging for dear life on your earlobes,
What if I go cold when you undermine my choice of staying free from the shackles of Gold?
Just a few questions I have to ask because of my confusion over each promise you’ve sold…

“I promise I will be there forever!”
“I promise I will never leave your side if you’re broke or under the weather!”
With so many nights where I couldn’t make it rain,
All I felt was pain as I watched her leave for the better…

Is that what I deserve for buying into everything you said to me?
I just ask ’cause,
Now I have a better sense of things with more money in my pocket,
As a broken man God convinced to be a prophet…
Aren’t I much more attractive,
Now that I can smile at all of my problems without an ample need to process?…
Better question yet,
Was I just,
The trophy you thought you could have beneath a spotlight you pushed me out of,
When I lost the light you were using to ignite and further your own progress?…

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