Freewrite #12: How Do You Remember Dreamz?

Moonshine saturates the middle of a canvas floating in a mind suffering a blackout.
A limbo full of questions trapped inside thought bubbles slightly pierced through.
Air flows out into an atmosphere tainted by a shade of blue revealing the shadows of our misdeeds…

Why did I do that in the first place?
Why can’t it all just stop?…

Those bangs on the cracked walls of your conscious.
A new rip for every time you ignore each skeleton calling for your presence.
Confrontations only those who’ve crossed the line of innocence must address…

Where do the answers lie when Darkness mars the truth you’ve lived out of pure pleasure?
As I lay down decrypting what feels like an incessant conundrum,
I digress.
Close my eyes.
Scratch my temple as the Itch finally arrives.
Entering a world showing the right pieces to the puzzle…

Only I can remember…

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