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Alone In My Coffee Shop

Carried by Winds of Grace while drizzled in Rain of Prosperity.
At least,
It’s how you should feel even if you’re still strutting through Earth’s soil,
Wet from our blood,
Sweat and tears…

Have to assume there’s a reason Stars swirl all around and dance within the Space we create when closing our eyes.
A reason for every bit of Light streaming faith and hope back into our vision.
May we ever know?
A question that will forever flow the deepest depths of the Unknown.
Not a reason there is to deny its warmth through Unconditional Love…

I soak in every second of Peace swarming my mind,
Heart and soul.
Grabbing onto every Star flying across my darkest skies when,
Closing my eyes.
Looking past any faux pas as I paint an image of Happiness and Solace.
Where there only exists a Grin as a reaction against another’s treacherous Hatred…

No other choice do I have as a loner from the first millisecond I wake,
To the last.
Where I fall into mental hibernations as my shield when Demons flick acid tears from a past,
I fought hard to leave behind every crash I’ve suffered from a drive,
Swerved to the side,
Alcohol I wasn’t able to sideline fast enough,
For quite some time…
Finding my way back to my road of redemption,
When I allowed my war-torn esophagus to feel a breath of fresh air.
Rather than a Tall Cup of Despair before Sunrise…

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