The Devil’s Drug

The number one drug of the century.
The message?
To be the number one gunner putting all who’s watching in jeopardy!

Seems like everyone has an answer,
Don’t they?
There are more questions supplied for each decision where most choose to role play.
More important than to know ways of solitude,
Instead of somber moods and havoc we wreak!

Those celebrities living in a cozy mansion the poor helped provide for them.
Politicians balling off your tax money while we court poverty they will not subside unless,
We give a bit of freedom up!
Lowering the chances of an uprise upsetting Devils in flesh…

Kind of makes you wonder,
Where is God!?
But really is within us all,
As we have a choice whether we decide to listen to ‘that’ call or not.
You know,
Those times where your gut wrenches when you haven’t faced a mirror in a while,
Urging you to tighten up the screws in your head,
Instead of living in denial.
Those times where your skin crawls after breaking promises you’ve made with a glowing smile.
Those nights where you’re heart beats an infinite amount of seconds!
All because you didn’t keep your word when you said you’d work on your unhealthy lifestyle…

Lies become comforting after gaining traction for living in fashions more so a disguise.
Television then becomes home for those who wear lies better than souls already worn out seeking a different life!
Imagine burning rubber trying to stay on track,
On a path leading to a tranquil state of mind.
To hop online,
Witness the lie,
And feel as if I have to wait longer than I should for a worthless spotlight…

A spotlight that would not allow me to shine underneath the Sun rather than a neck full of Ice.
My panorama must be designed by the only Light!
That will suffice!
Hankerings of warmth and love for a heart gone cold in a past where vanity enticed!
My bodily drum to resent any kind of life around me…
Living with a proclivity to love this world through a lense without wifi and surround-sounds we’ve,
Let possess our minds holding unlimited capacities!
To capture ourselves internally!
We fall for it…

And over,
And over again…

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