Nemo In Latin

The Hood’s alcoholic slushie when you want to be “throw’d.”
The one drink you buy any time you’re money’s low.
The Key to a poor man’s “turn up” opening doors!
To a smile they’ve never really had before…

Helps you feel like somebody when you think that you’re a nobody,
As you flow shots deep into your bowels while you go,
On the next body to penetrate with your,

The phantasmagoria one has when full on a facade.
The desideratum?
One day where They’re not worried of lacking a check in their mail box.
One day where They don’t feel like employees bitterly lacing up boots of a boss…

The answer is within the same palm holding a cup full of booze…
As a former “Nobody”,
My odyssey to Sobriety was complete the minute I chose to stop and think.
Drop what’s seen to cause a screws-loose or two…

I mean,
You’d have a mail box full of checks if you checked yourself before spending it on gin and juice.
The less you snoop around for some new wine!
You’d “dog” more food than you would booze,
The same way I eat rappers who fill my stands with boos…

You choose!
Between a nemo and a new life.
You can either drink yourself to death,
See through every lie!
Your demons speak into your ears every night you lie!
On a bed only you can make for yourself…

*Small Disclaimer!*

In case you didn’t know, a nemo is pretty much an alcoholic slushie sold in the street. It was always cheap and a guaranteed road into a trippy night. Funny enough, though, nemo in latin also means ‘nobody’. Being that I’ve been an alcoholic in the recent past, I can definitely tell you how it can make you feel like a nobody, a feeling I am grateful to keep in the past. A feeling I hope you all never feel. Stay beautiful, always 💜🙏

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