Vexed By His Own Madness

Some wake up,
Their eyes aren’t open.
Living as if every Universal Law must bend towards their reality.
Acting as if their life is much worse than it actually is…

What can you do when someone is that mentally deranged?
Falsifying some sort of struggle of loneliness,
Even when surrounded by others throughout the day?
You can’t really do much for someone who’s response to anything is always,
“I know!”…

Letting them loose into their own jungle of terror is a must.
May be,
Being bitten by the monsters they’ve materialized within a mind purposely scrambled?
Would humble that Ego so fragile and defensive…

I mean,
Nothing else seemed to work.
Not Love,
Nor each “second” chance given,
Despite of every jab he throws at his alleged beloved in vain.
Stamping his judgment where it does not belong.
Smiling in your face,
Not because of you!
Because of that knife he holds behind his back knowing you can’t see.
Poking at his loved ones until they’re all dead,
For the least…
Dead in the sense of Absence…

As demons possess the mind of someone you care about more than you think,
Please understand that they had said,
And allowed an Evil so wretched to flow within their physical being.
A fight you cannot see,
In hopes he does win the war no matter what it takes…

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