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Crying Soldierz

“Surround yourself with happy people,”
Is what they all say,
What am I to do when I see another soul in pain?
Eyes wide open,
Yet their innerchild’s asleep through the rain.
How can you say that’s your friend,
If you’ve willingly allowed them to drown away?

I couldn’t live with that,
The same way most can.
Don’t mind giving up my last $5 if you haven’t even had a snack.
There are limits when that money’s taken while they egg your face and break fast…
Hungry souls not afraid to eat your dinner plate when you aren’t looking,
And it’s sad…

You want to help everyone,
Not just a single individual.
That’s why we all have each other when one of us can’t give up the residuals.
In an America shoving our tax money in the barrel of a gun…
Keeping us apart with agendas thrown in our face,
While some follow with minds hollow from,
All the television screens now watching,

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