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The Target That Won’t Die

Isn’t it?
How our demons target us while they rest soundly in our minds.
They come in different forms of pain,
Promises and lies!
Neighbors that’ll claim that they’re there to pick you up from a fall…
Lies like,
Words of honor others wrought to be broken by a call!
Made by their inner child while intoxicated by the alcohol!
They would rather drink instead of keeping every promise God wanted them to keep…

At least?
It’s what some of us are cursed by.
Faith in a bunch of people we could never surmise,
To be true!
With the character they express.
It’s time to burn ties!
Choking me to death…
Without a care in the world!
For whatever scar on my neck…

It’s not like anyone cares.
If they do,
It’ll never be shown until I’m dead over pain I couldn’t bear.
Put down like an animal by the demons who’ve ensnared!
My inner child,
Once upon a time…

At least,
It’s what it feels like.
As if everyone I’ve ever known would rather smear my life,
With doubts about the possibilities of living happily.
I realize why,
Their feelings toward what I do doesn’t matter.
At all!
As long as I decide why I,
Should keep writing until the day I die!

My purpose…
Something I’ve been missing for longer than I can remember,
It’s not a situation I’m still concerned with.
I’m only here for one life,
At a time,
All I know is,
I just like writing what I feel,
What I witness upon the surface.
What I deal with,
What infringes upon my sanity with a curse in!
Hopes of my destruction…

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