It Ain’t A Good Mix

You are hot air on a hot day! Not what I need when I'm burning with a passion of having a glass of pop on the rocks, With someone who rocks my world. You and I don't go well together, Nowadays I need another joint to bring into the mix of things that'll measure, Love,... Continue Reading →

Missing Person

Turn the phone off, clean up your space, wear your best smile, t-shirt and disappear! At least, it's what my brain's been telling me to do for the past few days. And, there is not a single reason I can find convincing me otherwise within a heart yearning to deliquesce into an ocean of Love... Continue Reading →

I Am!

Silence.The medicine for her unwanted presence.Tick-tock the clock goes while I'm settled in.Time to meddle with a few ideas…Like,Escaping from an imprisonment within a Glass House forced upon me by birth…Flying high!With every Guardian Angel once with me on an Earth,Wrapping their arms around me!Any time my mind,Heart and soul was full of so much... Continue Reading →

Tell A Vision (To Be Continued)

Kind of feels like, We're further divided as communication becomes more convenient. And, What's devious to me? Is how accepting we are of a division, Where we're split by the difference in the nature of our vision, For the Lesser of our own kind imprisoned, By their own ignorance. Ignorance learned from a set of... Continue Reading →

Sheath Of Scorns

Her lips form a sheath with a smirk,Dangerously risen.And,When they part,Sharp daggers fly,While my joy is dismissed… No mercy,She shows as she gloats over misfortunes my sanity is shadowed by.Flesh is her food,And she'll eat it with as much malice intent needed… It always took two to tango,But,Our music stopped,While she let my hands go…... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Scribblez 2 : Love Never Fades

Love, the only thing that is certain besides our dates with Death. It doesn't matter what amount of tears anyone can pour into Wishing Wells more communal than we think, we all want love, to be loved. Whenever I hear someone yell out, "Fuck love!" Somewhere deep inside their heart, miserably stitched by innocent desires... Continue Reading →

The Right Answer

Words are the keys to my piano resting soundly inside of my beating heart.When I flat-line,Pens stop flowing like Tsunamis coming to a sudden halt…Ink travels through my veins,As blood drips with every paper cut I've slashed on myself… Still,My palms embody the magic of manifesting memories with open arms,Past,Present,Future.Which ever kind comes to mind... Continue Reading →

Freewrite #32: When Will I know?

What's love in a world gravitating towards violence more and more as each second ticks by?A world where flesh is in harmony with gun shots while spilled blood fill up our conscience?Maybe,Love is the set of arms intertwined around your waist as refuge when your darkest hour looms ahead.Or,That moment you're strong enough to let... Continue Reading →

Can’t Remember If I’m Ill

So many symptoms of Loneliness to count.But,None rattles you more than the symptom I call,Forgetfulness.That state of mind where you forget how and what it's like to bond with another. That state of mind where you forget what it's like to smile and feel happy as you were years ago.That state of mind where,You forget... Continue Reading →

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