Every Detail Counts

My sensors tripped,
As I let her dip,
Into thoughts I was too scared to think while I made sure to censor certain bits,

I was kind of feeling the exact same way.
Never really had it easy letting go of anyone who once caused me a lot of pain…

Who knows.
I would be the wrong to ask!
Since I’m,
Lost in a bubble of smoke all over the absence of,

I haven’t given myself,
As much as I should’ve instead of burrowing wells,
Hurting me…
Wells where I leaned beside of while my tears fell,
Purging scenes of a man I didn’t recognize drown inside of a Hell!
Waiting to disintegrate his flesh and bones with certainty…

Who am I fooling?
Do you know how angering it is when someone leaves your side?
For someone who was never there to wipe their tears every night they cried?
With an endless plethora of questions for every one of their lies?
Driving you insane by rewinding them over,
And over again in your raging mind?…

Just wonder.
What if She ever had the balls to own up to her deceit instead of uttering the same excuse?
How she had the right to keep all of those details from my pending view.
Thing is,
For lack of a better word,
I don’t give a fuck!
Now that I’ve sealed those wounds.
I am no longer the cow she thought I’d always be,
While she stayed chicken within her own made up cartoon.
A cartoon I had to leave after going loony over what I was meant to lose.
A woman who watched me trip over an edge,
While grabbing my hands only to,
Let me loose…

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