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Can’t We Just Talk?

If we're really meant to be,I want our first time to be special.No rush.Just,Two souls shining light amongst each other in the name of love.Letting time fly by in each other's arms,Without being desperate to touch each other in places I'd rather keep private... Aren't you sick and tired of the world normalizing what should... Continue Reading →

Yeah, Right. “I’m Not Alone.”

So weird,Writing this piece during my recovery.Because,I've lived a life rife with mistakes I'm trying to right before I'm dead,In a grave,With no chance to rebuttal each critic of my existence.And,I can't use a voice I've seemed to have burned out by belching complaint after complaint from the top of my lungs.All over anger and... Continue Reading →

Bed Of Bones

Authenticity in a city all about broadway?As rare as love for a man deleted from a world grown wicked.As rare as a hug for a man of action rather than an act unsuitable for his true character.As rare as forgiveness from any!For a man who seeks repentance others fear to undergo.But,Why?A question I quit asking... Continue Reading →

Choices To Make

Overthinking is a bad habit a lot of us get into.Every time I can't seem to make the pen move,I get confused,Because,It's all I want to do,But,When I wake up I tend a choose,A blunt I shouldn't be lighting up inside of my room.Clouded!By the smoke twirling all around me while I'm shrouded by so... Continue Reading →

Tooth Too Sweet

Metaphors and punchlines?You get tired of forcing them when all you can think about is your recovery from,Pain.Whether it be emotional,Physical,Or both,Pain only gets stronger the more you sugarcoat what isn't meant to be sweet.So,I've had to cut back.Cutting back on similes and such invigorating my sweet tooth before I can no longer have any... Continue Reading →

Wind Tunnels

A troubled mind travels through wind tunnels of angst and despair,Colder than a night below 30° without a blanket in sight.Forever cursed by idle hands refusing to write their own life story… Yet,On a search it goes!A search that won't conclude unless you face yourself along every waning goal,It promised it'd never let go of…... Continue Reading →

Nights At The Museum

Eyes glare at me as if I'm a museum exhibit.Stuck behind walls made of glass,But,The art I display is not for show while I fix my act and revitalize my waning spirit.Yet,Others stare,And stare,With a chuckle here and there,After witnessing what most in New York city call a tragedy.A pair of hole-ridden shoes with the... Continue Reading →

Pain Is Honest

Do you know why others hate it when you're too honest with your pain? Because, Most carry shame for their past while you're brave enough to face it, To able to live happily another day. So, We are forced to stand tall, Alone. Dealing with trials and tribulations with a smile we fake until we... Continue Reading →

The Calling

Keep looking for the light But, Give the sun some time to rise and shine. There will be clouds, There will be doubts, But, There will be nights, Where you look up at the sky, No matter how dark it is and, Cry. Tears of joy you wipe, With every ounce of love being poured... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Zero calls, Nor a single message seen. Riddled by pain as old as, Me... Yet, Regardless of the same ole' turn out, Another night where I'm reminded of my lack of family and friends in such an absurd house, Full of demons sipping tea with everyone so, So burnt out of love...... Continue Reading →

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