Rumblez In The Bronx

Starvation never felt so normal as it does this lonely moment.
Where I sit,
Thinking of a way to mask its tone of,

“It’s okay!”
“I’m extremely large,
I need to fast anyway!”

Coming from the Bronx,
The pain only gets stronger,
Rumbling harder with your sanity,
As the days go by while you ponder…

“Why am I alive for?!”
“Is this what we die for?!”
“Putting fake smiles on to market a facade we cry for?
When we’ve all been battered down by demons lurking in the shadows of your mind?!…”

You are,
Over thoughts of diamonds you wish you had,
For a plate you’ll never have to worry about again…
Who are we to lay defeated?
Rather than letting Satan set the precedent.
For a life given so much value,
No matter what poverty all of us were left in.
From an inception we know nothing of till this day…

Some weeks I can’t help but to rage.
Throw a fit and wear my angry emotions,
So there’s no risk of a friendship made,
Where there may be a knife tucked into my spine just in case I win this Rat race.
All I’ve known was Burnside where my happiness was cauterized into the Grain…
All I’ve known was Cypress Ave,
Climbing over hills where I grew insane in the brain…
All I’ve known was battle rap!
I write lyrics on a page.
That smack truth right across your face.
Hoping someone out there can finally feel all of this prickling pain,
Of being this lonely…
As I’ve been…

Side Note!: The photo attached is a photo of one of my favorite movies, Rumble In The Bronx, in case you didn’t catch the reference! God bless, world <3.

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