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Just A Man Nobody Cares For

Enjoying anything in life is harder than it seems when,All you feel is dejection.Dejection others turn a blind eye toward regardless of affection they may have for you.How do I smile when watching a movie?How do I laugh at a joke I find funny without forcing it?How do I even eat food and feel satisfied... Continue Reading →

Mean Green Machine

What is true to you, May not be true to me. What you see may be solid, Physically. What I see? Is too abstract for one to manifest in their own reality. The insanity of sitting down and writing for hours on end? Equates to every goal I achieve as I reach the next step... Continue Reading →

Truth About Mad Men

Honestly, I'm torn apart inside. With pain on my feet while I walk beneath sunshine, And smile no matter how much I wince for a clean slate. Because, I know why I feel the pain I feel, As I swipe steel across a page when I should be resting still... Sometimes, I don't even know... Continue Reading →

Like Dom & Letty

When you're eyes glare into mine, My mind & heart races. As tires burn rubber, Embedding love into concrete in every abrasion left. Thunder, Booms mightly, For your protection. Ride or die. My heart beats triumphs over lies, Handled in stride, You are what drives me. And you've steered me away from an Abyss insurmountable...... Continue Reading →

Suggested Prompts!

Hey Universe! May the Sun shine its brightest your way! I wanted to let everyone know that if there is a topic or prompt that you'd like me to write about, please feel free to drop a comment below and let me know, as I'm definitely a soul who loves to converse and see what's... Continue Reading →

Rumblez In The Bronx

Starvation never felt so normal as it does this lonely moment. Where I sit, Bedside, Thinking of a way to mask its tone of, Suicide, Like... "It's okay!" "I'm extremely large, So, I need to fast anyway!" But... Coming from the Bronx, The pain only gets stronger, Rumbling harder with your sanity, As the days... Continue Reading →

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